Month: August 2009

Volvo & co.

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Old 1950´s American cars are very popular in Sweden. There is a sub-culture called “Raggare” which involves driving around in the old cars and listening to old American music. Old Volvos and other European cars are often also used. Due to this culture, there are more restored American cars from the 1950´s in Sweden than in the USA!

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Moreover, you can also find a lot of harleys and choppers. The island is very flat so is a perfect place for ridding motorbikes. Moreover, there are many military boats in the little harbour. Sometimes they organize it so that you can get into and take a look.

Paying special attention to this dressed bike….funny!!



Sunset & beers

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Swedish beer is cool…

A nice Swedish beer, face of such a wonderful sunset, brings up the benefits of living in Scandinavia. Below I enclose some photos, specially for those who hear Sweden and automatically think of cold and snow. It is not that cold always…

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Gotland’s newspaper

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Gotlands Tidningar

This is one of the Gotland’s newspaper. Yesterday, a few international students who are already in the island got a call from International Relations for having an interview. I didn´t even know for what it was. Today I realized that we appears on Gotlands tidningar. A whole sheet for us.

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In brief, the article talks about the difficulties that International Students find to rent a house. Also it talks about the wide variety of nationalities coming for studying to Gotland.  I will translate more when my Swedish improves…


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This is my house in Visby. It is like an studio, very cozy from my point of view. Everything is new, the building were constructed in 2004. Usually, they are  used as summer flats but students rent it during the year. The facilities that surround the house are pretty nice as you can see in the pictures. It included every kitchen settings you need, even microwaves and coffee machine. The apartment also has a storage where to save the suitcase or the bike for instance; it is pretty big. Right in front of the building you can find the laundry room.  It is not the cheapest flat you can get here but  is not that expensive for living alone. It has 25 m2 and heating, hot water, electricity, broadband and tv cable are included in the price. You can rent a TV by 10 euros per month.  Housing prices  for students  in Visby roughly vary from 2000 – 4000 SEK.

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If you would like to have a house like mine, contact Gotlandsresor. Anyway there are several places where you can apply to a house in Visby. For more information visit the student association website (click here). The private landlords are usually the cheapest ones, If you look up hard you can find really good prices.