Gotland is located in the center of the Baltic Sea, 90 km off the Swedish coast and 130 km from the Latvian coast. Currently, the island has a permanent population of about 58,000 inhabitants. The population doubles during the summer because Gotland is a very popular holiday destination.

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The largest city, Visby, has one of the best preserved medieval walls of the world. Since 1995, Visby is on the list of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The city was a prominent member of the Hanseatic League trade organization in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and currently maintain many buildings and ruins of churches of that era.330px-Sweden_Gotland_location_map_modified.svg

Visby is one of the Swedish cities with the highest number of restaurants that offer multiple culinary experiences. The lamb, fish and raw materials produced locally, such asparagus and truffles, are among the specialties.

Gotland in the summer night was clear and prolonged. Then, in the streets of Visby, mix families with children with groups of friends and couples wishing to holiday lovers. It is an atmosphere filled with holiday and summer, like most countries in the South.

The countryside offers a varied nature including bare moorland, forests and meadows, plus more than 90 medieval churches, ruins from the time of the Vikings and craft workshops of high quality.

Along its coastline of over 800 km, beaches are long and somewhat deep-pebble beaches and meadows. The island is known for its rauks, breathtaking rock formations sculpted by the sea and the wind in the limestone. The climate is temperate, with long hours of sunshine and warm autumns.

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