War on media > new Google+

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There is no need to be an expert to notice that social networks are becoming a milestone in media communications as well as a phenomena in sociology. Social networks have become a business itself which moves vast amounts of money focused on advertising and customer´s data trading. The giants of this sector are competing and teaming up to be on the top. In the last years Google has seen how Facebook has challenged it and extended its scope and reputation on the net to another level. Facebook now worth more than Yahoo and Ebay and its recent listing on the NY stock market was an extra platform to increase its presence and opportunities of growth. Despite previous trials of Google for setting up an alternative social network to compete with Facebook, the on-line giant based on silicon valley has not got it yet. Now it seems that Google is about launching what could be a real alternative, it is called Google+. As far as I have read it will include video chat amongst its features but I guess that talking of Google we will find far more surprising features, such as grouping your friends within circles.

One thought on “War on media > new Google+

    hakaremy said:
    July 4, 2011 at 08:28

    Well, I respect Google a lot, with its numerous features, many useful applications, the best searching engine and other interesting things but as google chat can’t compete with messenger, i think, it also won’t be succesfull in a battle with Facebook for a space in social networks. Of course, Google + may find its customers but Facebook won’t give away their auditory. Too much money and interest depend on it, and it’s always easier to keep your existing customers by giving them new things than to attract new or try to make them to defect to another network. But let’s see.. the future brings us surprises sometimes 😉

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