Munich 09′

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Around November we decided to seize the cheap prices of the low cost airlines so we book a pair of tickets to visit Munich. Eventually, the journey was quite harsh since we had to take a ferry, a bus, waiting couple of hours for another bus outdoors, the plane, another bus and a train…If I remember correctly we´re travelling around 16 hours so I do not really recommend it… Anyway once there we had a great time and we visit most of the city and the famous Neuschwanstein castles that are located roughly 1 hour by train from Munich… Even though it was the end of November and it was already pretty cold, there were some surfers enjoying the waves produced in a strecht of a tributary of the Eisbach (Ice River) located next to the English Garden, just right by the famous museum “Haus der Kunst”. Although forbidden in the past it seems that Surfing is now (2010) officially allowed. A new sign next to the wave warns that “Due to the forceful current, the wave is suitable for skilled and experienced surfers only”, It seems that the wave wanted to be removed but a Surfers association got the power enough to keep it, It is really curious for visitors… Enjoy the silly music 😉

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