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Last August, thanks to my performance during the MIM program, in addition to my involvement with the international relations department during the year, including the set up of this blog, I got the alpha international scholarship which aims to finance either further studies related, or internships abroad Sweden. The scholarship which gives up to 30000 SEK is intended for Swedish or international students enrolled in a Swedish university for at least one year and it requires a detailed motivation letter. If you are interested I suggest you to take a look to preferably internships, but also other academic alternatives in advance, starting before Christmas to do the right choice unhurried since the deadline is around March/April. Anyway you can always contact the International Relations department to get more information. I will tell you my experience for you to get a closer perspective:

I intended to improve my negotiation skills in an ideal environment, so I applied and got accepted to the Oxford royal academy but due to financial issues I finally moved to London, UK, for roughly a month to attend a full-time English course in Education First (EF), the world’s largest private education company, which, by the way, is Swedish. During 3 weeks I attended a total of 78 lessons, combining general English with spins of business English given by a professional with an extensive background in Marketing and Advertising. An interesting part of the course were the project lectures where culture about other parts of the UK and Ireland were approached. In overall, the course´s quality was not as good as I expected, finding an alternative way of learning along the city, among British citizens.

The total price of the course for the 3 weeks including accommodation was about 2000 Euros, devoting the remaining 1000 to afford the flights and the usual living expenses. Unfortunately due to an obvious organizational disorder of EF I had to move each week to a different residence which in advance was inconvenient but which led to meet people from many nationalities. The school’s location was absolutely great. It was located in the very center, a 5-minutes walk to the nearest tube station, Waterloo. I had never been in London before so I seized the opportunity to visit the city and to learn more about British culture. I visited the Tate Modern art gallery, the British Museum and the National portrait gallery, the Parliament, the London tower, the London eye, the St. Paul’s church, and the most interesting sights seeing placed around the city. The school offered discounts for some of the excursions which made it rather comfortable to book. Although with time limitations I also tried to look for a job, approaching some agencies and making different contacts. In this respect,  EF school provided me with some suggestions and helped me out to touch up my CV for the specific demands of the English market. The experience overall was great, It is remarkable my English skills improvement, the diverse contacts I made, and the pleasure taken from the wide cultural offer and beauty of the largest city in Europe.

I promised International Relations to upload some pictures so here they are…

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